Raw Honey Superfoods


We are over-the-moon proud of our all-new SUPERFOOD LINE including our fresh, raw, Varietal Honeys!

A Varietal Honey’s flavor palette determines its name and type. Whether the Honey is sweet, floral, or infused varies from meadow to meadow and season to season. Our secret weapon comes from our All Natural, North Carolina Bee Farm where we have lovingly and painstakingly planted the specific flora and fauna so that, in addition to the award winning tastes, the individual honeys also have undeniable health benefits (particularly for those of us in the 48 contiguous states). It’s all a carefully crafted balancing act – the perfect soil, plants, vitamins, minerals, hours of sun, wind direction, amount and kind of water – are just a few of the details that make our Honey the absolute best you’ve ever eaten.

If you buy store-bought Honey, there’s a good chance you’ve bought a jar with no actual Honey (much less Raw Honey) in it. The Honey industry is infamous for using cheap, sweet syrups in the place of the real Honey to make more profit.

So, whether you’re a Gourmet Connoisseur, a 5-Star Chef, a Honey Snob, or an Allergy Sufferer, you’ll find your favorite type and flavor below. Choose from our Gourmet Spreads, Homespun Whipped, Infused, or Traditional Nectar Honeys.

We’re here to spoil you; and, ooh, it’s so good!

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