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YES! We have hand sanitizers, hand soap, anti-viral spray, for the body, home, and auto.

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We are a full turn-key family-owned operation offering all-natural and organic skincare, pet, home & auto products.

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If you can think it, we probably have it. We pride ourselves on having the largest product catalog of ANY private label businesses. 

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We can do all your label graphic design. We have a superb graphics department that will work with you to provide you with your personal image. 

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Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. Not sure how to expand? We can help you with that too. Just call us. We’d love to hear from you.


  • Traditional Nectar Honey
  • Honeycomb
  • Infused Honey
  • Homespun (Whipped) Honey
  • Gourmet Spread Honey

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SuperFood (noun): A Nutrient-Rich Food, with Unusually High Contents of Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals, or Other Nutrients. Especially Beneficial for Physical Health and Emotional Well Being.


You Name it. we have it.

Anti-Aging Masks, Serums, Toners, Crèmes, Gels/Jellies,                                                                                                                         Cleansers, Scrubs, Makeup Setting Spray, and more…


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Stop the Pain!

7 Major Hitters for Pain and Inflammation:

Muscle Pain Relief Gel, Arnica Pain Relief Creme, Arctic Blue (Cooling Icy Hot Type), Copper Peptide, Turmeric Body Butter, Magnesium/Vitamin D Body Butter, and Cool It Pain Spray!                                     


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Premium Body Scrubs & Body Polishes

7 Premium Body Scrubs. 100 Essential Oil Blends. Perfect for Every Skin Type!

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lickable lips

 Lip Butters & Balms 

Lip Scrubs & Glosses

Premium Hand, Face & Body Cremes

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Premium Lotions & Lotion Sticks


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Moisturizing Body Sprays

Body Mist (Perfume & Cologne Sprays)

​Choose from 100 Fragrances (and counting)

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Body Oil

Therapeutic ~ Cold & Allergy


An Entire Line Dedicated Entirely to MEN!

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YEP! It’s for everyone.

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Rosie Jennings

Support Staff

Bettie Caldwell


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Premium Hair Products

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All-Natural & Organic Ingredients

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We source from 6 continents to find the best ingredients available on earth!

Client Testimonials

Billy Gonzales

“I’ve never had better reviews on any product from any vendor. I can’t believe I can now get it with CBD! Thank you for everything you make; AND, a huge shout out because you are the only one of my manufacturers I can actually get on the PHONE!”

Leo Phelps

“Your Muscle Gel! Gurrhl… where has this been all my life? I put it on at night and still feel relief in the morning! I also LOVE the way it smells! It makes me feel like I’m at a Day Spa for pain relief. It truly is a vacay from a constant ache. Thank you!

Ida Warren

“With 4 locations in Upstate New York, you might as well just send a semi of your Cold & Sinus Products! They sell out every year!”

Scott Summers

“A customer’s 4-year-old has been suffering from severe eczema. Your Eczema Body Butter has cleared up his skin in just a few weeks!”

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